3rd SOA for E-Government Conference May 1-2 2007

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Third Service Oriented Architecture for E-Government Conference, May 1-2, 2007, at MITRE

Theme: Responsibility to Provide Best Practices for An Information Sharing Environment - Bringing Together the Global Information Grid, W3C, SOA Consortium, and Shared Services.

Purposes and Background



Pictures: Full Resolution and Web Resolution. Courtsey of Jon Siegel: For reasonable privacy, nothing points here and they won't be listed by the search bots, but you're free to tell folks the URLs if you want. The webres version is viewable nicely on your browser, while the fullres version is 2-MB images suitable for downloading and printing, or archiving, or whatever.

SOA CoP Status and Update (see page 4) and How the Feds do SOA, Computerworld, March 23, 2007.

Prepartions: See SOA CoP Demo Phase 3


  • Registration Opens: February 21, 2007
  • Registration Closed: April 30, 2007 (250+ Registrants)
  • All Presentations and Tutorials Due to Review and Post: April 27, 2007
  • Notification on Proposals: March 9, 2007
  • Invitations to Present: February 5, 2007
  • Call for Presentations, Tutorial, and Exhibits/Posters Deadline: March 2, 2007.

Logistics (see more Logistics details below):

  • Location: The MITRE Corporation, McLean, Virginia, MITRE-1 Building Auditorium, 7515 Colshire Drive McLean, VA 22102-7508.
  • Accomodations: A list of hotels in the Tyson's Corner area is available for download.

Planning Committee:

  • Greg Lomow, SOA CoP Co-Chair and BearingPoint
  • Brand Niemann, SOC CoP Co-Chair and US EPA
  • Steve Else, SOA CoP Secretary
  • Fran Dougherty, MITRE Host
  • Rick Tucker, MITRE Host Emeritus
  • Susan Turnbull, GSA and AIC
  • Chris Gunderson, World-Wide Consortium for the Grid (W2COG), GIGLite, and PGFSOA Infrastructure Team Lead
  • Bob Kilker, SOA CoP Demo Phase 3 Lead and IONA
  • Bob Marcus, SRI and NCOIC
  • Ken Mullins, MITRE
  • Marc Halley, MITRE
  • Ken Laskey, MITRE
  • Greg Hauser, IAC SOA Committee Chair and Web World Tech
  • Joe Jarzombek, DHS


Tuesday May 1 2007

(All Together All Day)

  • 7:30 – 8:30 AM, Conference Check In (must be pre-registered)
  • 8:30 – 9:00 AM, MITRE Welcome and SOA CoP and Conference Overview
    • Fran Dougherty (MITRE), Conference Host
    • Greg Lomow (BearingPoint) and Brand Niemann (US EPA), SOA CoP Co-Chairs
    • Presentation: See June 13-15, 2007, Gartner Enterprise Architecture Conference. June 14th Keynote: Data and Information Architecture: Not Just for Enterprise Architects! (Discussion Lead by Two Gartner Analysts)
  • 9:00 - 10:30 AM, Opening Keynote and SOA CoP Demonstration Phase 3
  • 10:30 - 11:00 AM, BREAK
  • 11:00 - 12 NOON, SOA Roadmap Best Practices Panel
  • 12 NOON - 2 PM, Networking Lunch (MITRE Cafeteria) and Posters/Exhibitors (Atrium)
  • Table Assignments and Exhibit Layout. Tutorial Signup Opens
  • 2 - 4 PM - Plenary Session: What's New
    • Report on W3C Workshop on Web of Services for Enterprise Computing, Ken Laskey, MITRE, Organizer. Presentation: Slides
    • Improving Access to Government through Better Use of the Web, José Manuel Alonso, eGovernment Lead, (CTIC/W3C). Presentation: Abstract and Slides. Also see June 18-19, 2007, Conference Web Page.
    • Current State of SOA Credentials, Ron Schmelzer, ZapThink. Presentation: Slides
    • IAC SOA Committee SOA Survey Results, Greg Hauser, Chair. Presentation: Slides
  • 4:15 - 5:30 PM, Closing Keynote, Special Recognitions, Networking, and Then Must Leave the Facility
    • Introduction: Greg Lomow, SOA CoP Co-Chair and BearingPoint
    • Speaker: Eric Newcomer, CTO, IONA. Background: Eric Newcomer, CTO, IONA. Presentation: Why We Need SO Tooling: SOA Tools Platform Project at Eclipse, working together with IBM, Sybase, and others to create tooling better suited for SOA than tools based on UML and MDA. Slides.
    • Preview of Tracks, Greg Lomow, SOA CoP, Co-chair, and BearingPoint

Wednesday May 2 2007

(Three Concurrent Activities with Common Break and Lunch Times)

  • 7:30 – 8:30 AM, Conference Check In (must be pre-registered)


See more Tutorials detail below:

  • 8:30 AM - 4:15 PM, Tutorials in Conference Room 1 H 301(LIMITED TO 40) Note: These are sequential tutorials and use the same demo use case (information sharing)
  • Remote Access: Conference numbers (8 a.m - 5 p.m both days) - Washington area: 703-983-6338, Boston area: 781-271-6338, and Toll-free within the USA: 1-866-648-7367 Passcodes: Tutorial 2nd Day (7007). Overseas callers will need to call the DC or Boston number.
  • Tutorial 1: Model-driven SOA (architecture), 8:30 AM - 12 NOON
  • Tutorial 2: Open Source SOA Bootcamp Using Celtix (implementation), 1 - 4:15 PM

Auditorium Sessions

  • 8:30 - 10 AM Topic: SOA Experiences
    • Facilitator: Ken Mullins, MITRE. Presentations:
    • Tom Termini, Bluedog Inc., Real World SOA -- Lessons Learned. See Proposal and Slides
    • Gary Berg-Cross, EM-I., Incremental Semantics for Service Oriented Architecture. See Proposal and Slides
    • Erick Peters, InterSystems, Evolutionary SOA Implementation in the MHS. See Proposal and Slides
  • 10:00-10:30 AM, BREAK
  • 10:30 AM – 12 NOON Topic: SOA Information/Quality Assurance
    • Organizers: Joe Jarzombek, DHS, and Jeff Simpson, BEA. Abstract. Presentations and Panel:
    • Jeff Simpson, BEA. SOA Quality Assurance: Distributed Environment Testing Strategies, Issues and Best Practices in Net-Centric Operations and Warfare. See Proposal and Slides.
    • Bryan Thompson (SYSTAP), Mike Personick (SYSTAP), and Brad Bebee (i_SW). Using SOA to build self-healing scale-out storage and computing fabrics. See Proposal and Slides
    • Maryann Hondo, IBM. Total SOA Assurance- A framework for SOA Security. See Abstract and Slides.
  • 12 NOON - 1 PM, Networking Lunch (MITRE Cafeteria on your own)
  • 1 - 2:30 PM Topic: SOA CoPs Reports
    • Facilitator: Fran Dougherty, MITRE
    • Presentations:
      Steve Else, SOA CoP Secretary, SOA CoP 2006 Highlights. See Proposal and Slides. Demo of Knowledge Map
    • Marc Wine, GSA, Shared Services in Government. Proposal and Slides.
    • Zach Tumin, Harvard University, Strategies for a Shared Services CoP. Proposal and Slides.
    • Larry Mallon for Maurice Stewart and Don Hall, DLA, Logistics SOA CoP. See Proposal and Slides.
  • 2:30-2:45 PM, SHORT BREAK
  • 2:45 - 4:15 PM Topic: SOA in Semantic Wikis
    • Organizers: Mike Lang, Revelytix, and Brooke Stevenson, BEA
    • Presentations:
    • Mike Lang, Revelytix. The Vocabularly Management WG for DRM in the Knoodl.com Semantic Wiki. Slides.
    • Chuck Mosher, MetaMatrix. Abstraction as an Organizing Principle for Agile Enterprise Architectures. Slides.
    • Peter Bostrom, CTO BEA Federal. The Role of An Enterprise Repository in the SOA Stack. Slides.
  • 4:15-5:00 PM, Networking and Then Must Leave the Facility   

Breakout Session (Atrium)

Chaired by the IAC SOA Committee Leadership (also judges of the Best Breakout Session Presentation)

  • Breakout Session Track 1: Vendor Perceptions and Implementations. John Smith, Ventera, and CTO, IAC SOA Committee
  • 8:30 AM, Presentation 1:
    • Proposal 3: Using SOA to Achieve High Performance Agencies, Shawkat Bhuiyan & David McClure, Accenture. Presentation: Slides
    • 9:00 AM, Presentation 2:
    • Proposal 4: Process Management: Taking Service Oriented Architectures to the Next Level, Shawkat Bhuiyan & David McClure, Accenture. Presentation: Slides
    • 9:30 AM, Presentation 3:
    • Proposal 9: SOA: Lessons Learned from the Commercial Sector, Jeff Schneider, MomentumSI. Presentation: Slides
  • 10-10:30 AM, BREAK
  • Breakout Session Track 2: Governance. John Smith, Ventera, and CTO, IAC SOA Committee.
  • 10:30 AM, Presentation 4:
    • Proposal 6: Service Oriented Architecture Best Practices and Building an Agile SOA Framework, Ajay Budhraja, IT Program Manager – Lead Architect, US Government. Presentation: Slides (PDF)
    • 11:00 AM, Presentation 5:
    • Proposal 7: Overcoming the SOA Network Security Fallacy, David Pawloski, SOA Software. Best Breakout Session Presentation. Presentation: Slides
  • 11:30 AM, Presentation 6:
    • Proposal 8: Closed Loop Governance, David Pawloski, SOA Software.
      Presentation: Slides
  • 12 NOON-1 PM, NETWORKING LUNCH (MITRE Cafeteria on your own)
  • Breakout Session Track 3: Transition to SOA in the Government. Steve Olding, Everware-CBDI, and IAC SOA Committee
  • 1:00 PM, Presentation 7:
    • Waitlist 1: Proposal 17: Intalio|BPMS for SOA, Ismael Ghalimi, Intalio. Presentation: Slides (PDF)
    • Withdrawn: Proposal 5: Exploring Best Practices in Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in e-Government through Select Asian Case-Studies, Soumitra Sharma, Banaras Hindu University.
    • 1:30 PM, Presentation 8:
    • Proposal 12: Trans-enterprise Services Grid (TSG), David Ellis, Sandia Laboratories. Presentation: Slides
    • 2:00 PM, Presentation 9:
    • Proposal 15: The Power of a SOA Demo, Chris Ball, CGI Federal. Presentation: Slides
  • 2:30-2:45 PM, SHORT BREAK
  • Breakout Session Track 4: What are the Benefits? Steve Olding, Everware-CBDI, and IAC SOA Committee
  • 2:45 PM, Presentation 10:
    • Proposal 11: Achieving efficiency and agility through a process-centric SOA, Kyle Gabhart, WebAgeSolutions. Presentation: Slides (PDF)
    • 3:15 PM, Presentation 11:
    • Proposal 13: RIA Meets Enterprise SOA: Challenges and Opportunities for Enterprises, Srinivas Chennamaraja, Akira Technologies, Inc.
      Presentation: Slides (PDF)
    • 3:45 PM, Presentation 12:
    • Proposal 14: Turning Interoperability into Intelligence, Sam Ceccola, BEA. Presentation: Slides
  • Waitlist:
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
  • 4:15-5 PM, CLOSING KEYNOTE, (in Auditorium)
  • 5-5:30 PM, Networking and Then Must Leave the Facility 


Model-driven SOA (architecture)

Tutorial #1, Wednesday, May 2nd, 8:30 AM - 12 Noon:

Title: Model-driven SOA (architecture)

Presentor: Ed Seidewitz, Model Driven Solutions

Files: Tutorial 1

Audience: Enterprise Architects and Solution Architects


  • Introduction
    • Models
    • Services
    • Architecture
  • Business Architecture
    • Example: Financial Management Enterprise Architecture
    • The business context
    • Service-oriented business architecture
    • How to model business processes
    • How to model information
  • Solution Architecture
    • Example: Core Financial Management System
    • From business architecture to solution architecture
    • Service-oriented component architecture
    • How to model components
    • How to model data
    • How to specify functionality
  • Technical Architecture
    • Example: Enterprise Service Bus
    • From solution architecture to technical architecture
    • Service-oriented technology
    • How to generate web services
    • How to generate database schema

Open Source SOA Bootcamp using Celtix (implementation)

Tutorial #2, Wednesday, May 2nd, 1 - 4:15 pm:

Title: Open Source SOA Bootcamp using Celtix (implementation)

Presentor: Michelle Davis, IONA

Files: Tutorial 2


  • Enterprise Architects
  • Solution Architects
  • Software Developers

Abstract: Through this Tutorial, one will learn:

  • Introduction to web services
    • Core web services technologies (XML, XSD, WSDL and SOAP) overview
    • How to use these core technologies.
  • Overview of Celtix, the open-source SOA infrastructure
    • Celtix installation and environment
    • How to program web services clients and servers using JAX-WS and Celtix
    • Celtix Flexibility (multiple payloads, transport and communications model support)
    • Deployment with Celtix
  • Jumpstart Building blocks
    • How to recreate

Special Recognitions and Tributes

The Conference Planning Committee expresses appreciation to MITRE for hosting and to all who contributed to the success of this conference: The Presentors, The Exhibitors, The Tutorials, and The Attendees, and Congratulates Those Who Received Special Recognitions. In about a month we will start a series of conference calls to discuss the evolution of the SOA CoP and planning for the 4th Conference. Please let us know if you are interested in participating. Greg and Brand, SOA CoP Co-Chairs.

Special Recognitions (see slides 19-25):

  • Outstanding Contributions to the SOA CoP:
    • Chris Gunderson, World-Wide Consortium for the Grid (W2COG) and the GIGLite Community. Opening Keynote.
  • Outstanding Service to the SOA CoP:
    • Eric Newcomer, Robert Kilker, & Michelle Davis, IONA, Closing Keynote, SOA CoP Demo 3, and Tutorial.
  • Best Agency SOA Application:
    • Avi Bender and Tom Lucas, Internal Revenue Service.
  • Best Organization SOA Application:
    • Dr. Jon Siegel, OMG, Dr. Burc Oral, CellExchange, Inc., & Peter Bostrom, BEA Systems. SOA Consortium / SOA Practitioner’s Guide.
  • Best Exhibit:
    • Scott Campbell and Erick Peters, InterSystems.
  • Best Presentation:
    • Michael Lang, Revelytix, SOA in Semantic Wikis: A Story About Communication
  • Best Breakout Session Presentation:
    • Overcoming the SOA Network Security Fallacy, David Pawloski, SOA Software.


  • Thank you for producing an outstanding E-Government conference that certainly delivered on the cutting edge.
  • I would like to thank you for the superb effort you and the CoP members demonstrated in organizing the conference. It provided a fertile ground to exchange ideas and further the collective understanding about SOA in the Government space.
  • Thanks for letting us participate in the 3rd conference. As always, we found it to be a very good forum for getting out the message about our SOA Survey.
  • Thanks as always for an enjoyable conference (although we have to find a way to get people to stick around!).
  • Many thanks for your hospitality yesterday at the "SOA for eGov" meetings. It was good to meet all and to have an opportunity to work together for the day and share views.
  • Many thanks for a good conference. Lots of good data.
  • I also heard that SOA CoP was a big success as well.....Thanks!
  • Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate. I look forward to working with you and the others in the future.
  • The conference turned out very well and I think you were an excellent, very approachable, multi-tasking host, as always.
  • It was a very interesting conference and I had a very nice time there.
  • Thanks for putting together an interesting agenda. I work primarily in the education and training space, and am concerned that our version of SOA meshes with other disciplines’ views. Please see recent presentation and animation(download will take a while, but it will work). Looking forward to additional networking.

Call for Presentation and Exhibiting Proposals

Title, Presentor(s) Name(s), Affiliation(s), and Contact Information, Brief Abstract and Suggested Place in the Agenda That Addresses Conference Purposes Limited to Two Pages in Word Format. Please send to Niemann.brand@epa.gov

See previous conference for more details.




Date & Location: May 1-2, 2007, at The MITRE Corporation, McLean, Virginia, MITRE-1 Building Auditorium, 7515 Colshire Drive McLean, VA 22102-7508. See Map. Please follow signs to the East and West Parking Lots and enter by the Conference Center Entrance.

MITRE Shuttle Bus: Service available from the West Falls Church Metro Station starting at 6:40 a.m., continuing every 20 minutes, and last bus from MITRE at 5:40 p.m. Drop off at MITRE 1 and 2 (come to the back of MITRE 1 for entrance)

Registration: Open (limited to the first 300 people to register)

Presentors/Exhibitors: Database and Layout

Accomodations: A list of hotels in the Tyson's Corner area is available for download.

Remote Access: Conference numbers (8 a.m - 5 p.m both days) - Washington area: 703-983-6338, Boston area: 781-271-6338, and Toll-free within the USA: 1- 866-648-7367 Passcodes: Main Session Both Days (43210), Tutorial 2nd Day (7007), and Breakout Session 2nd Day (504504). Overseas callers will need to call the DC or Boston number.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE 1: For those of you calling in by telephone PLEASE mute your phones when you are not intending to speak. Also, PLEASE do not place your telephone line on hold, because some phone systems will play "music" when you do so.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Based on our experiences with telephone callers in previous conferences, we still find that we get undesirable background sounds and side chat from those who call in. This interferes with the conduct of the conference. The result is that the AV crew mutes all teleconference callers until the end of each speaker's presentation, when we open up for questions from the audience (wherever they may be).
  • IMPORTANT NOTE 3: We will also be using a shared screen feature of our MeetingPlace remote access capability for this event. You will be able to see the presentations and progression from slide to slide, and listen through your web browser. Here's info about how to access this feature:
    • TO ATTEND THE WEB CONFERENCE AND THEN JOIN WITH AUDIO: Go to: http://audioconference.mitre.org. Sign in as a Guest or with your MITRE MeetingPlace User ID, and click on Attend Meeting.
    • Accept any security warnings you receive and wait for the Meeting Room to initialize.
    • Visit http://audioconference.mitre.org/test/ to test your web browser for compatibility with the web conference.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE 4: The MeetingPlace telephone call-in and the shared screen capability will be initiated no later than 8:15 am each day. In any case, our fallback is for remote participants to call the telephone conference number listed above and then follow along with the briefings on the conference agenda web site. (FYI only for those within MITRE: This conference will be videostreamed (again, only within MITRE) at MII Fast Jump: MMC.)
  • IMPORTANT NOTE 5: If you have any questions or problems, please call Fran Dougherty, MITRE Host, on his cell cell 703 994 3920. We will not be able to monitor the messages sent online within the MeetingPlace web application.
    • AN ADDITIONAL NOTE FOR THOSE WITHIN MITRE: The conference will be streamed through the MITRE Multimedia Center (MII Fast Jump: MMC). Please also note that no video streaming is available outside MITRE.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007, 12 Noon - 2 PM, Posters/Exhibitor (Table Space Numbers - Two per Table) As of April 12, 2007.

  • 1a. MITRE Hosts
  • 1b. MITRE Hosts
  • 2a. W2COG and the GIGLite Community
  • 2b. SOA Consortium / OMG
  • 3a. IONA
  • 3b. IBM
  • 4a. IRS
  • 4b. DLA
  • 5a. CellExchange
  • 5b. Harvard
  • 6a. ZapThink
  • 6b. Steve Else
  • 7a. GSA / Modeldriven.Org
  • 7b. SOA.Com
  • 8a. Revelytix
  • 8b. Open
  • 9a. Intersystems
  • 9b. BearingPoint
  • 10a. Bryan Thompson Team
  • 10b. Bryan Thompson Team
  • 11a. Bluedog
  • 11b. BEA
  • 12a. EM-I
  • 12b. Accenture
  • 13a. MonentiumSI
  • 13b. Webagesolutions
  • 14a. Akira-Tech
  • 14b. MetaMatrix
  • 15a. IAC SOA Committee (Survey)
  • 15b. IAC SOA Committee (Survey)
  • Overflow in Auditorum


After April 25, 2007

Vic Chauhan
Isaac Christoffersen
Jesse Citizen
Cheryl Dale
Richard Dilley
Steve Else, Ph.D.
Terry Foreman
Peter Goodstein 
Mark Hamilton
Harry Haury
Bruce Henderson
Ravi Kalaputapu
Mark Kelly
Stephany Mackay
Lawerence Mallon
Jennifer Manring
Bonnie Massarik
Robert Mikula
Darryl Morris
Chuck Mosher
Jim O'Dell
Loren Osborn
Bill Price
Debora Pruitt
Steve Ritzman
Ed Savacool
Jeff Schneider
Kenneth Swingle
Marek Syski
Steve Thomas
Bran Thompson
Tai Ton That
Zachary Tumin
Barry Von Tobel
Gene Warshaw
Wilbert Bailey

As of April 25, 2007

Jose Manuel Alonso
Owen Ambur
Thom Arnsperger
Kenn Atkinson
Christopher Ball
Mary Barnes
John Beatty
Avi Bender
Gary Berg-Cross
Belinda Blackman
Nathan Bokil
Benita Bottom
Steve Bramwell
Lisa Bromwell
David Broyles
Ajay Budhraja
Charles Burchinal
Jennifer Byrne
David Cacner
Scott Campbell
John Casteel
Srinivas Chennamaraja
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Joseph Corcoran 
Mark Crayton 
Jim D'Augustine
Molly Deloney
Douglas Disinger
MaryBeth Dormuth
David Ellis
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Andy Evans
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Lois Fairclough
Conrad Fernandes
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Gabriel Goldberg
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Michael Halverson
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Darin Hodgson
David Holliday
John Howard
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Timothy Johnson
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Muhannad Kanaan
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Karen Kaye
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Gary Naumann
Don Neely
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Eric Newcomer
Duncan Niblett
Brand Niemann Jr.
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Asghar Noor
Frank Oelschlager
Stephen Olding
Burc Oral
Bob Parks
Alex Pavlak
Shyhte Peng
Bill Perlowitz
Erick Peters
Vu Phan
Hal Pierson
Fred Poker
Raju Prasannapppa
Jim Pruden
Steve Psarakis
Ramakrishna Raju
G.A. Redding
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Manny Rivera
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Cassandra Robertson
Anthony Rosati
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Anand Sastry
Daniel Schmidt
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Kirby Sutton
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